This post is about the benefits of Vanadium. It is also intended to spread awareness about this amazing trace mineral and its uses. The post also shares a review of Mt Fuji Vanadium Mineral water, a product available in Pakistan.

Vanadium Mineral Water

Vanadium Mineral Water is extracted at the foot of Mt Fuji Japan from a depth of 120-150 meters from ground level. Vanadium Mineral Water is recommended and certified by Japan Preventive Medicine Administration Council and now being exported around the globe from Japan.


Research conducted in Japan, USA and Canada confirms that Vanadium is changed to Vanadyl Sulphate by stomach acid. Vanadium is used as natural remedy for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis, tuberculosis, infertility, syphilis, anemia, obesity, cancer and detoxification of body. Vanadium is “Insulin-similar substance or Natural substitute for Insulin”. Vanadium reduces blood sugar level and prevents diabetes. It also reduces secretion of free fatty acid, which is the major cause of weakening Insulin activity. Vanadium Mineral Water is to be consumed four times a day continuously for four months. Vanadium Mineral Water does not have any side effects.Vanadium Water Company Pakistan has taken initiative and marking sincere efforts to reach out to the masses with a noble cause to serve humanity especially those suffering from diabetes by introducing Japanese packed Mt. Fuji Vanadium Mineral Water which is certified natural mineral water by Pakistan.


What is Vanadium?

Vanadium is a trace element like Calcium and magnesium. Human body normally contains 20-25mg of Vanadium.

What Recommended daily intake for Vanadium?

RDI for vanadium is 1.8 mg and medical advice should taken if vanadium supplements are to be taken. But Vanadium Mineral Water is from a natural source hence it is not a dietary supplement.

What are symptoms of Vanadium Deficiency?

Vanadium deficiency is rare in human being. Following are the symptoms and signs.

  • DiabetesHigh
  • Cholesterol
  • Infertility
  • Obesity
  • Eczema
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Prostate, Liver and Colon Cancer

What are natural sources of Vanadium?Top natural food sources of vanadium are black pepper and dill seeds. Apart from that water from Mt Fuji Japan is also rich in Vanadium. Best way to intake vanadium is from natural sources. Medical advice should be taken if taking dietary supplements.

What is source of Mt Fuji Vanadium Mineral Water?

It is obtained from 120 meters below the ground level at the foot of Mt.Fuji, 3 Km east Oshino-Hakkai.

Is it medicine?

It is just water rich in minerals specially Vanadium. Although it is preventive measure for diabetes.

Is Mt Fuji Vanadium Mineral Water like other bottled water?

It is not like other bottled mineral water which often have an unknown source. The source of Vanadium Mineral Water is Mt Fuji in Japan.

How does it prevent diabetes?

Vanadium is natural substitute for insulin.It controls internal blood sugar levels and hence prevents diabetes.

Is it also helpful for diabetes patient?

It is a blessing for diabetes patients. If taken four times a day, it has shown to reduce intravascular insulin dependency in many patients. As well those patients who are on oral medication have also benefited from this product.

Is vanadium toxic? Does it have side effects?

Yes, like all other trace minerals if vanadium is taken in high doses for long duration can be toxic and have minor side effect, like headache, abdominal discomfort, nausea and loss of energy.  But amount of vanadium in this water is as low as 0.53mg/lt. So if taken in recommended doses, it is safe.

What is recommendable dose of Vanadium mineral water?

Recommended dose is 1 glass four times a day before meals. Preferably, first thing in the morning. But in few cases only 2 glass has also shown good result.

Where is Mt Fuji Vanadium Mineral water packed and purified?

In Japan.

How is it purified?

It is purified through reverse osmosis membrane filtering technology, carefully controlled equipment and adjustments of mineral content.

How does it taste?

It tastes very good. Just like fresh water.

Is it good for everyone?

It is good for everyone from babies to old age. Apart from diabetes, it has many beauty and health benefits.

Where can I get it? 

This water is available in major cities of Pakistan. Kausar Medicos, Time Medicos, Royal Medicos, Naheed Super Market, Garden Super Store, Al Warda Super Store, Amin Ayoob Medicos, Springs, Mota’s, My Store, Pharmacy Plus, Drug Mart, Bahria Pharmacies, Anchor Mart UK, Bombay Dry Fruits, For promotion and discounts check Vanadium water company Facebook page.

What is the price? 

Price is 490/Litre approx. It available is 500ml and 2 Litre packing.

How do I believe this product really works?

For diabetic patients take a simple 4 day test. Drink 1 glass of Vanadium Mineral Water first thing in the morning. Then 1 glass before every meal. Total 4 glasses of water each day. Monitor your blood sugar level. You will see reduced sugar levels.

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(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I only hold Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and hence I have keen interest in Vanadium and diabetes.)

Written By Mariam Sodawater

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